Telcoma automations has been designing, producing and distributing automatic control systems for doors and gates since 1972. With the professionalism and pragmatism of a company that knows how to defend the core values of the best of Italian industry: original, exclusive design,patents and innovative solutions, undisputed excellence in terms of materials and technology adopted.

A major player with a consolidated role within the Riello Elettronica Group, Telcoma Automations constutes a reference point for the automation sector.

Wherever is research, there is Telcoma. This is not a mere technical consequence, but a proud achievement accomplished by a company that relishes first-hand the excitement of probing the new frontiers of automation. And while mechanical engineering and electronics lie at the heart of our products, our guiding inspiration remains people and their idea of comfort. So that we can surround ourselves at all time with functionality, design and respect for the environment, embracing a new vision of quality of life.

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31015 CONEGLIANO (TV) - Via L. Manzoni 11 - Z.I. Campidui
Tel. +39 0438 451099 - Fax +39 0438 451102
Cod. Fiscale / Partita IVA  IT 00809520265 - REA 156998
Cap. Soc. € 102.700,00 i.v.

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Telcoma srl
Via Manzoni, 11 - z.i. Campidui -
31015 Conegliano (TV) - Italy

Ph: +39 0438 451099
Fax: +39 0438 451102

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